Is your body asking for EFT?

You may find you are already using the EFT Tapping points to self soothe! The body knows what it wants...

When I start a session with clients, we talk about the tapping points used as part of EFT. These are acupressure points that, when stimulated, (amongst other things) soothe your nervous system so you can feel calm and safe. What often surprises people is the fact that they are often points they already use to self soothe!

Have you ever found yourself rubbing or pressing these points when in a stressful or upsetting situation?

Often clients can relate to rubbing their collar bones, eyebrow or side of eye point or wrapping their arms around themselves in a hug that gets the under arm point. Some also find they rub their fingers across their chin or under nose when unsure of something.

There are also points on the hand that I include in my sessions. People will often also stimulate these points naturally when wringing their hands when anxious. 

These are usually unconscious actions that are signs of self soothing using these acupressure points. The body knows and directs you to them to help you feel better. 

EFT obviously helps you to harness this in a more proactive way with better focus the pressure and thought but this shows that it is a natural technique that your body accepts easily. Find out more about how EFT works in this post: How does EFT work?

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