Sarah's mission is to empower ambitious women like you to reclaim joy in their lives. She realised that society seems to teach us that, to be successful, we have to be everything to everyone, busy and tired, and all with a smile - but life experiences can dim our lights and mask how we are really feeling. Sarah specialises in guiding individuals through the overwhelming challenges of work, family, and health changes, helping them overcome stress, fear, and exhaustion.  

Her journey has been an adventurous one. After thriving in brand management roles with global names like Cadbury Schweppes and Douwe Egberts, Sarah made a conscious shift to focus on family while leveraging my marketing background to start a business aiding entrepreneurs with social media. It was a fulfilling experience, balancing work with treasured family time.  

The lockdown period prompted a profound reflection, leading her to pursue a deeper and more meaningful path. This journey culminated in becoming a CPD and IAPC&M accredited certified Conscious Business Consultant* and Energy Practitioner*. After becoming an Energy Practitioner she started researching different modalities and was fascinated by the speed and ease with which EFT can help such a wide variety of fears, trauma and pain. Sarah's transition from business development to emotional support has been transformative, marked by her passion for modalities like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Energy work, becoming a certified Advanced Practitioner in EFT and registered member of the CMA (The Complementary Medical Association).  

Sarah believes in squeezing every experience we can out of life! She relishes a challenge and an adventure whether it is skydiving in New Zealand, climbing Kilimanjaro, snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, abseiling down Table Mountain, diving with dolphins in the Red Sea, volunteering at a Commonwealth Games, ice caving in Iceland, hanging out at music and comedy festivals, or being a mom. In fact, tell her she can't do something, and she will probably give it a good go and usually succeed!  

She here to guide you from feeling frazzled and frantic to embracing fun and fulfilment. Through personalised 1-2-1 sessions and innovative tools like her new Tapping Decks, crafted with love and expertise. Sarah will help you overcome self-doubt, emotional blocks, and rediscover your enjoyment for life.  

Sarah's vision is clear: to create a supportive space where you can navigate barriers and reignite your passion for a joyful life. Together, she will help unlock your true potential and embrace a life filled with vitality and purpose. Believe it, and you can achieve it, together.

* What is a Conscious Business Consultant?

The word 'conscious' is used in a variety of contexts but at it's core means being aware of self, of others, of surroundings.  

As a Conscious Consultant and Leader, I align with and prioritise the following:

△ Self awareness in all I do, in particular the affect my actions can have on others.
△ Inclusion, diversity and equity across my company.
△ To withhold strong boundaries for the good of all concerned.
△ To show curiosity and compassion in my dealings with all fellow humans.
△ To deliver on my promises and never make false claims.
△ To graciously admit and deal with mistakes promptly.
△ Client experience and transformation is the number one priority.
△ Lead with love, always.
△ To do the right thing, particularly when nobody's looking

*What is an Energy Practitioner?

I am trained in The Conscious Energy Clearing Method®. Working with the energy bodies, chakras and meridians, this method uses The Expansion Codes®.  

It can be incredibly powerful at removing energetic blocks that are holding you back in business such as limiting beliefs, fears, lack of confidence or focus, imposter syndrome, self-sabotage or money issues.  

Sessions are personalised to your needs, conducted over zoom and last one hour. The session ends with recommended embodiment practices to help you step into your new identity during the period of clearing and beyond.