One to One - Conscious Energy Clearing Method®

Clear resistance, negative self belief and self-sabotage. Focus sessions or packages available.

Yes it is possible!
Let go of any limiting beliefs, thoughts, or fears that are prohibiting you from achieving your goals

Are you feeling any of the following?

  • Not taking action 
  • Hiding   
  • Getting stuck in perfectionism or preparation   
  • Jumping from business strategy to strategy   
  • Feel stuck or resistant to change

I can help!

The Conscious Energy Clearing Method® could lead to big transformations for you and your business!

Working with your energy system, the Conscious Energy Clearing Method® can clear limiting beliefs, negative narratives and resistance.  

I use Expansion Codes® that focus on particular problems that are holding you back with your business including issues with money or abundance, being considered an expert, fear of judgement, self-sabotage, self-trust and self-worth, imposter syndrome.

As a certified EFT practitioner, I can ensure you are in a relaxed state before and after the codes to enable the body to allow the process to work. I will also be able to help you if anything comes up that you weren’t expecting. 

This shows you the steps you will go through as part of the one to one Conscious Energy Clearing Method® sessions. 

The method was developed by Gemma Went (multi-award winning Online Business Mentor) in collaboration with Michelle Lowbridge (expert Energy Healer and creator of Energy Editing® and Ease Method®). I am a certified trained practitioner of their bespoke energy healing method.

 I have seen amazing results for myself and others and can't wait to share it with you. 


This powerful experience can be truely life changing! Over the 6 sessions I will run all 14 codes covering all of these areas:

  • Fear of visibility 
  • Fear of being attacked online    
  • Feeling frozen around sharing online    
  • Holding back from going big    
  • Fear of failure    
  • Fear of success    
  • Not feeling good enough    
  • Comparing self to others    
  • Shame    
  • Money issues    
  • Upper limit problems    
  • Avoiding selling    
  • Getting stuck in prepare mode
  • Self trust and self belief issues 
  • Fear of making a mistake    
  • Fear of being judged    
  • Inability to celebrate goals    
  • Inability to stop working    
  • Overcommitting    
  • Over delivering    
  • Scattered mind and lack of clarity    
  • Perfectionism    
  • Hustle and exhaustion    
  • Being sensitive to criticism    
  • Imposter syndrome    
  • Eternal learning

Course Pricing

Energy Clearing Session (1 hour session)


  • One-to-one energy clearing session

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6 weeks of Energy Clearing (1 session per week)


  • 6 weeks of Energy Clearing - covers all 14 codes!

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6 months of Energy Clearing Sessions (1 per month)

6 payments of


per month

  • 6 months of Energy Clearing - covers all 14 codes!

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