One to One EFT (Tapping)

Become calm, focussed and joyful. Pay as you go or packages available.

Re-ignite your joy for life.

Sarah will guide you to identify and clear whatever is holding you back from experiencing the joy you deserve.

Primarily using EFT, this personalised session with finish with you feeling excited about life again. 

Lost your spark?

I am a certified Energy Practitioner who specialises in helping people re-ignite their joy for life.

Using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, or "Tapping"), I help identify and clear energetic blocks that have been subconsciously preventing you from achieving enjoyment and success in both your professional and personal life.

Don't let it fool you, this gentle process has a powerful impact! Just ask my previous clients...

I started to get interested in EFT when I hit peri menopause.  I needed something to support my HRT, I got panic attacks along with other symptoms.  It was impacting my work and daily life with family, HRT worked but I needed something else and EFT has been it. 

The sessions I had helped me understand how EFT worked and the impact it can have to support calming my body very quickly. I felt positive after a session and like a weight off my shoulders.  

The best thing about the sessions was that Sarah was able to guide me through the sessions, she was able to get me to be honest about how I felt to enable me to move past negative emotions.  I would highly recommend Sarah, she is supportive and informative with no judgment she just allows you to work through the sessions to get the most out of it for you.  

I use EFT most days for different reasons it has allowed me to control my anxiety. Sarah was able to show me so many techniques that has allowed me to use EFT whenever wherever I needed.  Big example was having biopsy for a breast cancer scare I  used the word to calm me down and throughout all the time in the clinic for various checks you go through I used it all the time. Very effective. 

Thank you so much to Sarah



I decided to work with Sarah to see if EFT/energy clearing could work for me. I had previously come across EFT a few years ago and had tried a few videos without any effect.

After just a couple rounds of tapping during the first session, I felt a noticeable change in how I was feeling and felt like an invisible weight had been lifted.  I felt and saw the benefits in several areas pretty much immediately.

It was really interesting, as I literally felt like there wasn't anything I couldn't do.  The things that I had been shying away from, no longer intimidated me and my confidence has grown significantly in these areas. I feel unstoppable!  

I'm officially an EFT convert.  

It's already been a few months and I'm still enjoying the benefits. Sarah also showed me how to tap for a boost when I need it, which has also been extremely useful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I really enjoyed my EFT sessions with Sarah. 

I was looking to continue working on some long standing issues that had come up and been partially resolved with other therapy treatments. Most specifically I wanted to feel much less internal resistance when about to make & receive phone calls.  We worked on that and I am pleased to say I am using the tapping when I feel resistance arise and I have been much more proactive at making phone calls, including those I would formerly have steered myself away from. I have made calls rather than texting & emailing and am pleased to now consider call avoidance as something I used to do. 

We also worked on a childhood memory and I am having fun recognising how some of my actions have been influenced by that early experience and how liberating it feels to have ‘satisfied’ the child in my memory so that she is happy and I am too. 



I was looking to try out a different way of managing and dealing with some of the challenges in my life.  I thought it would be a supportive experience.  I was holding onto a lot of hurt about the issue and the impact on my son and me.  I still carried a lot of emotion about it and although I didn’t think about it too often, if I did, I felt hurt, angry and sad.  

The sessions gave me a release for my emotions and a chance to move forwards. Sarah was really calm and supportive in the process and gave me tools that I can use again afterwards.  I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and able to think back about the issue with more objectivity and less hurt. 

Sarah’s style in the process meant I felt safe and supported at all times.  I’d highly recommend Sarah as an EFT clearing practitioner as she explains everything clearly, has a caring style and helped me move forward in a short space of time. 

“When I worked with Sarah I was curious about EFT and how it could potentially help with a sense of overwhelm that I was experiencing at the time.  Sarah guided me through some tapping scenarios and I was quite amazed to feel a real sense of release.  The final tapping on the top of the head resulted in tangible physical sensations as if the stress really was spilling out.  It was quite an intense experience. 

 I would happily recommend working with Sarah.  She has so much integrity and I always felt that she was properly invested in helping me achieve a good outcome (even if I wasn’t sure exactly what that outcome needed to be).”


Frequently Asked Questions

The sessions are run over zoom and last one hour.

I will make sure you are comfortable with the tapping technique. This can be adapted if you feel uncomfortable or can't tap on yourself for any reason. You will become relaxed and we will identify what thoughts, feelings or beliefs are holding you back.

I will lead you through an experience to clear these blocks using tapping. You won't be expected to remember a complicated routine - just copy what I say and do.

At the end you will feel focussed, optimistic and empowered.

I will also show you some relevant techniques that you can use in between sessions. 

All sessions are completely confidential.

 If you don't feel comfortable discussing an issue, I have techniques that work without talking!  

The aim is not to re-traumatise you but to safely take the emotional sting out of what is holding you back so that you can focus, move forward and feel good.

Everyone is different so it is difficult to predict. You will feel better after one session but to ensure we work through all aspects, contributory factors or triggers may take a few sessions. I recommend a block of three sessions to start with but it is fine to pay as you go if you prefer. Please email me if you would like to discuss a different number of sessions.

The current price is £46 per session to pay as you go or £126 for three sessions.

Great, I look forward to seeing you soon. Click the link button below to be taken to the booking page.


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