What can EFT help with?

Find out what EFT can help with

Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) can be used for so many things including dealing with pain, fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, or simply reducing stress. It helps you process and release the emotional charge associated with past experiences, allowing you to let go and move forward without this baggage.

More specifically, EFT can provide relief with:

Stressful Situations

Tapping is really good at reducing your stress and anxiety during challenging times. Whether you're facing a tough deadline at work, dealing with a difficult conversation, or simply feeling overwhelmed, a quick tapping session can help you find inner calm and regain focus. (EFT for self care is really useful here but when the stress and anxiety are at a level that you are finding it difficult to manage yourself, please consider contacting a certified Practitioner for help.)

Dealing with Fears and Phobias

Whenever you're experiencing strong emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, or frustration, tapping can be a valuable outlet. It allows you to process these emotions in a safe and healthy way, preventing them from becoming overwhelming or bottling up inside.

Aids breaking Habits and Addictions

Tapping can help in breaking your unhealthy habits or addictions. Whether you're trying to quit smoking, curb emotional eating, or reduce screen time, tapping can address the underlying emotional triggers that fuel these behaviours.

    Releasing Past Traumas

    If you're carrying emotional baggage from past traumas or negative experiences, tapping can be a safe and effective method to release their emotional charge. It offers a way to let go of painful memories and find healing without re-traumatising you by spending a lot of time going through detailed memories.

    Improving Self-Confidence

    When you need a confidence boost before an important event or presentation, tapping can help you feel more self-assured and grounded. It can acknowledge and replace self-doubt with positive affirmations, allowing you to show up as your best self. Find out more about how EFT can help in work situations here.

      Boosting Performance

      Athletes, performers, and professionals can use tapping to enhance their performance. By releasing performance anxiety and self-doubt, tapping can optimise focus and concentration.

        Goal Setting and Manifestation

        EFT can clear any limiting beliefs or subconscious blocks that might hinder your progress before setting intentions or working on manifestation. As a result, it aligns your energy with your goals and desires.

          Improving Sleep Quality

          Tapping can be a helpful bedtime ritual to calm your mind and release any accumulated stress from the day. By addressing anxieties or worries before sleep, you can improve the quality of your rest.

            Promoting Emotional Well-Being

            Even when you're not facing a specific challenge, using EFT regularly and proactively to maintain emotional well-being. Regular tapping sessions can create a sense of inner balance, resilience, and emotional clarity.

            With practice and an open mind, tapping can become a powerful tool to achieve emotional balance and improve overall well-being. However, there you must take responsibility for your use of it.

            Please keep in mind that for complex or deep-seated emotional issues, it's advisable to seek guidance from a trained EFT practitioner or a mental health professional. Please see my blog post on 'When should I use a certified EFT Practitioner'

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